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Saul Flores is one of the best classical guitar luthiers in the world located in Arizona. Tech Craft for amplifier repair Antelope Valley.

Guitar Luthiers

Saul Flores is one of the BEST classical guitar luthiers in the world.
Saul Flores best classical guitars, repair and luthier in Arizona.

Saul Flores is one of the BEST classical guitar luthiers in the world. Saul is an extremely talented and gifted classical guitar luthier from Mexico now residing in Arizona. He studied with the renown Mexican guitar luthier German Vasquez Rubio "maker of the famous guitar used in the Disney Film Coco". Saul my Antonio De Torres classical guitar replica which is one of the best sounding and powerful instruments I have ever played. If you can hand make a quality Torres guitar then you truly know what you are doing as a luthier. 

Saul also makes his own full body concert series signature style guitars that are just as powerful as his Torres model and are extremely playable and sound extraordinary. Saul also hand makes intermediate and student models all for an affordable price. If you are looking to purchase a classical guitar I highly recommend Saul Flores.

Amp Repair 

For the BEST amp repair in the Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, CA area I recommend Tech Craft

Best amplifier repair and maintenance tech in Palmdale and Lancaster, California.

40837 12th St W, Palmdale, CA, United States, California

Phone +1 661-285-0971

Wesley Craft is phenomenal certified amp repair man. He is probably the only one in all of the Antelope Valley. He is certified by Marshall, Fender and many others and can get your tube amps fixed, tubes swapped and biased. He is a great guy and can take care of all your amplifier needs.

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