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Online Metal Guitar Lessons 

Best online metal guitar lessons. Learn technique, theory, fretboard mastery, composition, and play how you have always dreamed!

     I offer the BEST online metal guitar lessons anywhere. I teach guitar methods that no other metal guitar teacher conveys and I will coach and provide the tools you need to play how you have always dreamed. 


   One of the things I teach is an emphasis on guitar technique which is essential to being able to communicate the notes in ones head and bring them to life on the instrument. There are different techniques to learn and master in order to express creativity on the guitar and there is not a one technique solution. For example, there is a marriage of techniques such as executing string bends and licks with the thumb over the neck but a different technique with the knuckles being parallel to the fretboard used for legato and fast scale playing and being able to switch between techniques on demand. I will teach you how to achieve better technique and sound in your playing among a plethora of other guitar techniques.

   Among guitar techniques I combine the lesson that is consistent amongst every individuals goals on the guitar whether that be to learn a specific guitar solo, song, or chord progression. Furthermore I break down what is happening in the music through theory and teach students how they can take what they have learned from the song and create their own riffs, licks or solos from this information they have filtered. This approach of eating your vegetables along with your main course is the way I have been teaching guitar successfully for over 15 years.

   I am also very successful is by learning songs by ear or correcting tablature that exists so my students learn the song correctly. Through my years of playing and having gone to music school I had to learn melodic and harmonic dictation where the teacher would play a melody or chord progression and I would have to write down the notes and rhythm of what they played on the piano. I have taken that skill into learning many songs and guitar solos from records or live performances and have learned them note for note with great accuracy. This is akin to the guitar players of the past that would play back a record on their record player slowly and teach the songs themselves. The guitar is notorious for having inaccurate guitar tabs. Learning guitar with me you will have the piece of mind and advantage of not having to learn the song yourself or worse learning it wrong. 


   The ear training musicianship has helped me develop a very good ear and can also recognize issues if my students are playing wrong pitches, not bending quarter, half, full up to more than two step bends or even subtle guitar mistakes in quick phrases as well as being able to listen if the rhythms are being played correctly.

   Rhythm is a common issue that most music instructors do not bring to the attention of their students. The ability to subdivide rhythm is crucial to practice intricate solo phrasings, recording their own music to a click track and or playing along to a record or live drummer.


      My classical guitar background has taught me how to subdivide counting rhythms and practice tricky rhythmic figures. My students will learn about time signatures, tempo changes and pulse. 

    Learning guitar with me will also increase the skills of ear training. Students will be able to identify chords and progressions, the key of music or tonic and scales aurally and intervals. I break things down in a logical way to help develop their own ears which provides them with the ability to improvise, play with others in a musical setting, learn songs by ear themselves but most of all, my students will learn how to play the notes that are inside their head which is the ultimate goal for a musician. 

   Along with ear training students will understand how to master their guitar fretboard through scales, chords and various musical scenarios. Guitar fretboard mastery is the last component to learn alongside ear training and technique in order to become a fully expressive and competent guitarist.


    My competence for creating music, teaching comes from over 18 years of combined education, self taught, taking guitar lessons, playing live shows from backyards to venues to amphitheaters, and recording. Through my personal guitar journey I have learned what works and doesn’t work in regards to the most efficient and effective way to learn to play guitar, perform and how to excel on the instrument. 


   Through my years of teaching I have gained an ability to teaching anyone at any skill level and any personality. I have taught students as young as eight years old and as old as sixty-five years all with different skill levels and goals on the guitar. I teach and adapt to each students needs for how they learn and devise efficient methods  that they can understand the materials.  I am very patient and non-judgmental. To me it is a divine responsibility to teach others guitar and one that I truly love and have great joy and pride in. I do expect my students to work hard and practice and I offer ways to help increase your productivity when there is not much time to practice. Anyone can learn how to play guitar and accomplish their dreams. To me the meaning of talent is the ability to let go of the outcome.


      To those weary of taking online lessons. I have been teaching guitar online since the pandemic and I was very hesitant upon doing so as all of my students were in person and I had zero experience. Fast forward to present day and with the experience I have gained since that time I honestly say that online guitar lessons and in person lessons are very much even, at least with the way I teach. For online guitar lessons, I make the lessons interactive. I am able to pull up music, write notes, bring up metronomes, videos, record myself for the students to use later all on the computer using Zoom. The sound quality is crystal clear as I use professional gear such as an interface, microphones, and extremely fast low ping fiber optic internet. 

   I can guarantee that my private online metal guitar lessons are the best and of the highest quality.


       Give my online metal guitar lessons a try and take your guitar playing to the next level. First lesson is $35!

Best metal guitar teacher. Best online electric and metal guitar lessons. Best lessons.

Why Online Guitar Videos Alone Are Not Helpful In Learning How To Play Guitar

     I get many new students calling my business and one of the first things they tell me is that the videos they learn online are not helping them get better and that is why they sought out a guitar instructor. The reason online videos alone are not great because it is always assumed that the presenter knows what they are already talking about.


   Whether it is how to play a bend or a certain technique it is assumed you know how execute these things properly and the videos concentrate more on what to play instead of the how.


     Understanding how to hold the guitar properly, how to fret, how to get a good guitar tone, how to position fingers for scales, how to pick, what is the theory behind what I am playing, what is the rhythm are some of these essential questions that can not be asked or that information simply isn't provided in the video.


     Thus you see the performer execute their explanations slowly and telling you the frets but that is usually as far as it goes leaving you to figure out the right way to practice and execute the material. This leaves many guitarists frustrated and they either seek private instruction or worse: quit.

     I believe the best way to learn is from a knowledgeable and patient teacher that can help you with the why and how in your playing. Teaching guitar is an additional special skill that goes beyond being able to play well. You have to have the experience teaching players and experience teaching different ages, skill levels, desires and goals because everyone learns differently and a teacher needs to be able to go through these different players and figure out what works quickly so no time, effort or money is wasted on either party.

     When a student is working with a teacher and the insight is provided, then the online video materials become a refresher and an extended example of the lesson provided. So now the student knows the proper techniques, the rhythms, and how to go about the practicing and execution of the materials. Whereas these online videos or courses just mainly focus on execution.

     I provide all the proper solutions to the problems in guitar playing, a specific way to practice each material, how to count rhythm, techniques, ear train, songwriting, theory and more to help assist your playing to the level you always wanted.


Rain S.

"David Paul has been my guitar teacher for over 3 years. In that time he has taught me everything i've wanted to learn and more. I'm very satisfied with my progress and can't wait to go further on my journey with him.


David has been there for me emotionally on top of the lessons and is always a friend without breaking the teacher student barrier.

David is able to adapt to any type of lesson and is the perfect teacher for anyone looking to pick up the guitar.

You will see massive progress.


I started in person with David and eventually went online. He is just as effective online because of his amazing guitar and teaching skills.

If you want to become a guitar master like this man you found the right place. You will not regret these lessons."

Ave W.

"David is the best guitar teacher ever!!! I've been doing online lessons with him through zoom for about 2 years. David is an incredibly understanding and flexible teacher whose lessons are always fun and informative."

Shawn Smith

"David Paul Guitar Studio has the BEST in person and online metal guitar lessons all of Los Angeles County, Lancaster, California has to offer.

He is an incredible guitar teacher who specializes in metal and classical guitar but can also teach and play many different genres of music.

He teaches people of all ages and skill levels and is great teaching kids. Definitely recommend for the BEST guitar lessons."

Online Metal Guitar Lesson Example

Online Metal Guitar Lesson Example

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