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Great Book Resources for the Classical Guitar

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

In this post I am going to share some great reading material for you to focus your classical guitar studies on. These books are great for the true beginner to the advanced player. Sharpen your guitar chops and knowledge with these books and get better at classical guitar. NOTE: These books are also beneficial when studying them with me or another teacher to help you understand the material. It is NOT enough to practice the notes written on the sheet music, but also to be able to learn HOW to practice the material and the techniques being taught in these books. #classicalguitar #classicalguitarbooks #educational #classicalguitarlessons #guitarlessons

1) Solo Guitar Playing 1 By Frederick Noad is really good at giving beginning guitarists an introduction on how to read the notes on the staff and has two part exercises to also play with a teacher. The book also shows the proper hand positions and lots of good technical exercises and pieces to help you develop a solid foundation for your playing.

This is a great intro book for classical guitar to study with an instructor such as myself.
Frederick Noad Solo Guitar Playing Vol. 1

2) Solo Guitar Playing 2 by Frederick Noad is the part 2 book that continues from book 1 and adds more challenging pieces and exercises to add to your repertoire.

This is a great follow up book to Vol.1 to study with a classical guitar instructor such as myself.
Frederick Noad Solo Guitar Playing Vol.2

3) Andres Segovia's Diatonic Major and Minor Diatonic Scales includes all 24 keys written for the guitar. They include different root note position patterns starting on the 6th and 5th strings respectively. The scales are in three octaves and a good way to practice scales in different rhythms such as quarter notes, triplets, accents and a great way to practice with a teacher to help and observe the right hand string crossing technique.

This book is great for strictly practicing scales apoyando with different rhythms and finger alternations. Great for technique practice.
Diatonic Major and Minor Scales by Andres Segovia

4) Pepe Romero's La Guitarra book is a comprehensive, intellectual and spiritual classical guitar book by in my opinion written by the BEST classical guitarist in our generation. Pepe shares his perspective on nails, left and right hand techniques such as the Guiliani studies, and other various exercises and pieces as well as insight on how to overcome stage fright. This book is a must have for the serious classical guitarist.

A phenomenal book of personal insights on nails, technique and stage performance on the classical guitar by Royal Guitarist Pepe Romero.
Pepe Romero La Guitarra

5) Matteo Carcassi's Melodic and Progressive Etudes is a must have for every serious guitarist. Carcassi's world famous etudes help teach the essential guitar techniques such string crossing scales, tremolo, rest strokes with double-stops and more. An excellent resource to help you learn the guitar. Learning alongside a teacher is recommended.

This book has a plethora of great studies to work on technique such as intervals, tremolo, scales and more.
Melodic and Progressive Etudes by Matteo Carcassi

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